Sun on the Beach

It was a really sunny day on the Beach when we went down to Seaford for a days paddling on the sea on the 2nd June 2019. 

We  paddle across to Newhavem harbour where we re-grouped before crossing the harbour mouth  and making shore we didn’t get in the way of any other ships as we crossed. We had lunch on the beach on the other side of the harbour.

After lunch we headed back to Seaford and because we got back at about 1.30pm we paddled along the shoreline until we reached the Martello Tower at the end of the promenade. Here we turned around and headed back to the cars. We finished off the day in the tea shop with a nice cup of tea.

It was a great day out to be on sea which great fun and a new experience for some members. Adrian had been a bit concerned about the wind all week but in the end it was fine. The forecast was for a force 3 or 4 but it was only only force 2 or 3 even though it was a bit more windy in the afternoon. As the pictures testify the sea state was only smooth to slight and we paddled about 7 miles . 

Adrian, Julia, Sam K., Paul and Tony all came along to enjoy this lovely paddled on the sea.

Pictures and story by Adrian