Help – Webcollect – Joining Purley Canoe Club

All Members who join Purley Canoe Club must complete a  PCC Membership form.

This Membership Form is completed via the PCC Webcollect Membership website.

The four stages below outline how to complete the PCC Membership on line

Slides 1 – 7

  1. You will receive an email from the PCC Committee inviting you to Join PCC.
  2. Click on the link “Click here for available Subscriptions” which will a take you to  the Subscriptions page 
  3. Alternatively go to the PCC Webcollect Home Page  and click on “New Members” – “Join Here”  to Join Purley Canoe Club or Renew PCC Membership 
  4. This takes you to the “Subscriptions” page, choose the PCC Membership Class  you require; i.e. Adult, Family, Junior and Associate; also choose the correct quantity 
  5. Non British Canoeing Members (BC) must also pay the additional BC Affiliation Fee by clicking on the BC Affiliation Fee Tab
  6. Choose the correct BC Affiliation Fee you require, either Adult or Junior and the correct quantity – You need to pay a BC Affiliation  for each PCC member who is not a BC Member
  7. Click on Checkout to take you to the “My Basket” summary page
  8. Click on “My Basket”to amend your Basket
  9. Click on “Checkout” in the Bottom Right hand corner of the “My Basket” summary page to take you to your Log Page on Webcollect –
  10. Go to stage 2 

Slides 7 – 10

  1. From your Log in page you are taken to the “Checkout – Family Members” page 
  2. In the “Assign Members to subscriptions section” (bottom left hand corner of the page) you need to assign all the appropriate Members to the appropriate PCC Membership Class and BC Affiliation fee; e.g. All Family Members  to the PCC Membership Class and the two children to the BC Affiliation Fee  
  3. Add Additional Family Members in the “Add New Family Member” section – press “Add” to save / create the new Family Member
  4. Press “Proceed to Family details and Checkout” to move to the “Family Details” page
  5. Add your Home Address in the Address section and press “Save” to save the address.
  6. Press “Proceed to Checkout” to take you to the  “PCC Membership Form” page.
  7. Stage 3

Slides 10 – 12

  1. Have all your membership details to hand, including:-
  2. British Canoeing (BC) Membership Details
  3. BC Qualifications and dates of awards
  4. Emergency Contact Details 
  5. Medical and Dietary Details 
  6. Adults must complete the form on behalf of themselves – the members name is on the top left hand corner of the form where it states “Membership Form for ………” (Members name)
  7. Parents or Guardians of Junior Members must complete the form on their child’s behalf.
  8. The Date of Birth box and the Telephone Number is included in the main form as well as in the “Family Details” on the top  left hand corner. 
  9.  This data is required for PCC Membership purposes, so it has been included as Mandatory Fields in the PCC Membership form.
  10. Ensure you add your Address on the “Family Details” page. 
  11. Press “Save” to save the form (It will state “Form Saved”; If some of the fields are not completed it will say  “There was a problem saving form data.”
  12. When you press “Save” to save your Membership Form
  13. Click on “Proceed” to move to the next page; either:-
  14. To another Members form which you need to complete (You can create an Additional Family Member whilst in the Membership form. )
  15. Or to the “Checkout” Page where you pay your membership fees.
  16. Stage 4 

Slides 12 – 14

  1. When you completed all the Membership Forms and you have reached the “Checkout page” click on “Bacs Transfer” in the right hand side box under “Pay By”.
  2. Check  you have purchased the correct Membership Fees.
  3. Click on “Place Order” under the heading “Pay By”.
  4. This will take you to the “Order Success” page.
  5. Now set up the Bank Payment from your account to the PCC Account using the Bank Details given on this page. Ensure you use the Order ID No  given on the top Left Hand Corner of this page (the example given in the screen shoot is #665076) as the reference number when you set up the BACS transfer.
  6. You have now paid your PCC Membership Fees