PCC Refund Policy

  1. PCC Refunds may be available, in accordance with the following policy, if :-
    a. The Participant needs to cancel their Purley Canoe Club (PCC) booking for any reason.
    b. The Club needs to cancel any Purley Canoe Club (PCC) Event for any reason.

2. PCC is not responsible for the wrong booking of events and refunds are not guaranteed for incorrect bookings, in accordance with the PCC Shop T & C’s .

3. Refunds will be available for PCC Day Events, Pool Sessions and Training Days, on request, providing the following notice period is given:-
   a. Up to 1 weeks notice, before the event commences, – 100% of the cost of the PCC Event can be refunded, less the “Refund Admin Fee” (Clause 7 & 8) (Less any costs already paid to a “Third Party”, as outlined in clause 13 to 18)
   b. Less than 1 weeks notice, before the event commences – A refund may be available, but this is at the discretion of the committee.

4. The participant must inform the organiser, at least 24hrs prior to the event, that they wish to cancel their booking, in order for a refund to be requested.

5. Refunds may not be available for other events if fees need to be paid to third parties, (see clause 13 to 18.)

6. Participants must request a refund, within 4 weeks after the date of the Event they cancelled, by contacting the PCC Treasurer and the refund will be awarded in accordance with clause 22.

7.   There will be a small “Refund Admin Fee” deducted from any “Refund” offered. This “Admin Fee” covers the transaction costs associated with administering the original booking and the refund.

8.  The “Refund Admin Fees” are outlined below: –

Event Booking FeesRefund Admin Fee
Under £10 £0.00 (No Admin Fee Charged )
£10 to £30 £1.50
£30 to £60 £2.50
£60 to £100 £3.50
£100 to £200 £4.50
Over £200 £6.50

Notes on “Refund Admin Fees”

i.   The “Refund Admin Fee” is calculated on the Total Cost of the original Order/ Event Booking Fees

ii.   The “Refund Admin Fee” is reviewed annually at the start of the Financial year (1st April) by the PCC Committee.

Part 3 of the PCC Refund Policy relates PCC cancelling events.

9.  If PCC cancels a Pool Session, for whatever reason, the participants will be entitled to a Full refund, and PCC will not charge the participant any “Refund Admin Fee” (clause 7 & 8).

10.  If PCC cancels a Day Event or a Training Day, for whatever reason, the Club will try to provide an “Alternative PCC Event”, on the same day, in order to compensate for this loss.

11.  If the participant attends the “Alternative PCC Event”, no refund will be available to them.

12.  If participants want to request a refund for the event rather than attend the “Alternative PCC Event”, they will be entitled to receive a Full refund, less the “Refund Admin Fee”, (clause 7 & 8.)

13.  The level of Refund available for any Weekend event or Social event will depend upon the amount of fees which need to be paid to a Third Party, if PCC cancels the event, e.g. Accommodation Fees, or Restaurant booking fees.

14.  These Third Party Fees (unless refunded to PCC by the Third Party) will be deducted from the Original Event Fee, to create a “Cancelled Event Fee.”.

15.  Participants can request a Refund of the “Cancelled Event Fee” minus the “Refund Admin Fee” (clause 7 & 8).

16.  If a “Non-Refundable Deposit” is required to secure a booking on a PCC Event, e.g. a Weekend Event, or a Social Event (e.g. Christmas meal) this “Deposit” cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

17.  If “Payment is Due in Full” in order to secure a booking on a PCC event, e.g. a Weekend Event, where the payment is made “in full” to a Third Party, e.g. Accommodation costs; Booking Fees to a restaurant; etc.; then this “Full Payment” cannot be Refunded.

18.   If a “Non-Refundable Deposit” is required or a “Payment is Due in Full” for a PCC Event, this will be made clear in the Terms & Conditions of the Booking, when the booking is made.

19.  If PCC Cancels a Weekend event, the participant can request a refund of their PCC equipment hire fees, regardless of whether a refund is available or not, as outlined in clause 13 to 18.

20.  A refund of the “Equipment hire fees”, as outlined in clause 19, will not be available to participants if they need the equipment for an “Alternative PCC Event” as outlined in clause 12.

21. If a Refund of “Equipment hire fees” is offered, the participant will not be charged the “Refund Admin fee”, as outlined in clause 7 & 8, for the Equipment Hire Fee refund.

22. The Refund will be paid to participants via Pay Pal, using the bank card details, they provided to the PCC Pay Pal account when they made the original booking.

23.   The refund cannot be carried over to pay for another PCC Event, with the exception of the “Alternative PCC Event” which the Club organised to replace the cancelled event. (see clause 12).

24.   The refund can not be carried forward to pay for other items such as PCC Membership.

25. The final decision on whether a refund is awarded, will rest with the PCC Committee.