Our Values Purpose & Vision

Our Values Purpose & Vision

The Club’s President, Noel Humphrey, founded the Club in 1991 to promote Paddlesport and enable its members to enjoy the sport of Canoeing, through the Club’s Values, Purpose and Vision.

We were accredited as a “British Canoeing Quality Club” in July 2022 and BC Champion Club in November 2022.

The Club’s Committee and Club Coaches promote the Club’s Values, Purpose and Vision, through the Paddlesport activities they provide for the Club.

 “Inspire people to develop a passion for paddling for enjoyment, friendship, challenge, achievement and exercise”

 “Purley Canoe Club is focused on our members to help them achieve their ambitions through quality coaching and leadership”

The Club has identified 4 key ambitions for the Club:-

  1. Ambition 1 – To expand the range of paddling disciplines offered to members
  2. Ambition 2 – To maximise member participation in club activities
  3. Ambition 3 – To encourage new members to join the club
  4. Ambition 4 – To promote environmental issues.
  • Actions: provide come try it days with a variety of boats of different disciplines available to try
  • Actions: to encourage members to paddle other discipline boats on trips
  • Actions: to introduce club members to Stand Up Paddleboarding
  • Actions: to survey members to find out what sessions they want e.g. at pool sessions
  • Actions: to publicise trips and events more widely
  • Actions: to review the cost of trip fees for families
  • Actions: to hold Go Paddling courses for new members
  • Actions: to review the new member induction process
  • Actions: to think of new ways to advertise
  • Actions: to continue to include river clean up events in our programme
  • Actions: to involve local stakeholders bordering the river in PCC clean up events
  • Actions: to become more environmentally aware reducing the club’s carbon footprint.