Where can I paddle?

Where can I paddle?

Day Trips on local rivers

A typical day trip on a local river or on the sea would be around four to eight miles, depending upon the ability of the group and the water conditions. However, our River Trips cover a wide range of recreational paddling, including Training Days, White Water paddling and Camping Trips. The club has a variety of boats and equipment to hire.

Throughout the year the Club paddles local rivers like the Thames, Wey Navigation, Mole,Basingstoke Canal and Medway.

English Waterways Licence

Many waterways in England and Wales require a licence to paddle. British Canoeing Membership includes a English Waterways licence.  

PaddlePoints is a British Canoeing website which gives information about various river trips across the country including access and egress points 

Waterway access and the law

Of the 42,700 miles of inland waterways in England, only 1,400 miles can be paddled uncontested – that is a mere 4% of what is available. Paddlers are subject to challenge or dispute over their right to be on the water. 

The 4% of waterways is largely made up of canals and ‘managed navigations’ (such as the Wye and the Severn). (taken from British Canoeing Oct 2020)

Paddlers Code

The Club supports the British Canoeing “Paddlers Code/ Respect, Protect, Enjoy” which is guide for all paddlers on how to enjoy our beautiful waterways responsibly.